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Okay so I wanted to do a different post on something close to my heart: design.

Since I was little, I loved designing, styling and all things fashion. I’d dress myself in stripy turtlenecks, do a wacky hairstyle and then dress my Bratz dolls as mini me’s. No lie. And if you need an illustration…

Fashion was my thing, and I grew up wanting to be a designer. In many ways I still want to pursue this dream, but my path had lead me somewhere different currently. I do plan to return to college and uni and do some fashion courses, if not a degree too. But I’ve found an interest in merchandising and styling, as well as designing. Fashion buying seems awesome, as does the Fashion Promotion course at UCLAN. Who knows what the future holds.


A friend from my sixth form now does fashion at NTU, and her work is to die for. You totally should check our Luci’s Instagram account for her uni work, it’s awesome, and I love her designs. Can’t wait to see more from her!

On Instagram, I follow a fashion design student at UCLAN, and adore the pieces of her work she shares in her account!



I’ve my own croquis designs of outfits, but I haven’t created any in so long. And usually, I just copy outfits from Pinterest.
I really want to work on developing my own style, especially now that I’ve found my writing voice.


There’s a Bible verse that you really need to apply to your life whether you’re Christian or not, or maybe if you’re even of another faith:

Do not conform to the patten of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. {Romans 12:2}

But yeah, I had my henna done at a stall during a network event today on campus, and it made me think of that quote.​



If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m obsessed. I have been known to post 15 photos a day, but I am just addicted to the gram. It’s great for editing, and I just love it when my feed looks “on point”. Addicted? Check. Basic white girl? Check. 

I thought I’d round up my favourite accounts to follow, along with a little screenshot of their feed. The link to their account should come up if you click on their name. 

1. aurorae.s

2. ellie_edginton

3. immyfish

4. alice_evans_

5. emjsmethurst


Photography really interests me, and I enjoy taking pictures for my Instagram, and my blog. For France, I really want to take my dad’s fancy Samsung camera. It takes such gorgeous, high quality shots. I can’t wait to explore Bordeaux and France’s other towns and cities. 

Anyway, that’s all I really have time for today. Sorry it’s not a length rant for you today. I blame it on my 8 upcoming exams. 



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