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Since I’ve covered dating more than once, and a host of other topics, I thought why not discuss an important part of growing up: friendships. 

I’m not going to focusing on ‘making’ friends, but rather friendships and what they mean to me, and what they could/should mean to you. 


Friendships go through just as many rough patches as (romantic) relationships do. 

You have to fight for them, and if one side let’s go, it’s painful, but it’s time to let go too. 

I have 3 friends in particular that I know will stick by me no matter what; despite all the stupid decisions I’ve ever made. 


Before going to university, I thought I’d make soooo many friends there. Reality hit when I was a term in and had no one to turn to when I needed them. 

I made a total of two “real” friends (bar my flatmates) from social activities or my course. Both of whom I’m still close to today. 

This year (second year of uni) I’ve made a grand total of 5 new friends. 5 close ones, but I’d say I’ve interacted with a lot of other people and are at least friendly with many others from my course, SCAN or other social activities. 


Just because you’ve been friends with someone for 10 years doesn’t means they’re gonna always stick by you. 

I’ve found friends of a few months have supported me more than some friends I’ve known for years and years.

It’s all about your perception of the friendship. 

Plus, its about time. Like a relationship, you can’t grow together or get to know each other by not spending time together. 


I believe myself to be quite a caring person; I’m not trying to be big-headed when I say that, I just try so very hard to care for all the people in my life. 

My friends come first. Hoes over bros and all that. 

There isn’t one friend who I’d put before myself in a scale of importance, as much as I believe my own life to be important. 

You do everything for your friends if you really see them as friends. They’re a part of you, and inalienable part of your soul. You need them to live; you need them to breathe. 


Although I do have a few male friends, I’m mostly surrounding by gal pals. 

They’re all beautiful in their own way, and wonderful in their own right. 

My core 10 friends are strong, kind, loving and supportive. Everything in a friend that I hope I am to them too. 

I feel very honoured to be friends with them, and when they achieve and succeed I feel like a proud mother. Even if they fail, I’m still proud of them. 

I am the kind of person to not let go of people, and so I cling very much to the people closest to me. This gets me a lot of hate relationship-wise but someday someone will realise it’s outta love and not just wanting attention. 


Friendship is like respect. You earn it. It doesn’t happen overnight, hell it can happen in a matter of moments. 


Love on people. Love, love, love until you have no love left. Other than being happy, thats the only goal I have in life: to love others. 

All for now. 



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