life :: pace

I’m an impatient bugger. 

I try so hard to slow down and be a little more patient. But often, I find myself racing  life and experiences etc etc. I do still enjoy everything, especially to begin with. However after a while, I find myself bored. 

Learning to pace myself and pace the things I want out of life is difficult. I often find that I rush into things without thinking, and that doesn’t just have to be relationships or love of any kind, but just generally. 

A couple of Bible verses have come my way recently that enticed me, and related to me, and made me remember why I even started this blog in the first place – let alone the decision to bring faith into Kulayrosas. 

I feel honoured to have a heart that’s so open. That may sound so pretentious but that judgement is up to you. I honestly open up to people very quick, I wouldn’t necessarily say this is me letting them in, but I allow them to take up a little unoccupied space in my heart. 

Things end so quickly these days that I think we all feel we’ve rushed “it”. But personally, everything has its own pace. And, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason

We lose what was not actually meant for us, not part of the plan for us. It’s so hard when someone just walks out of your life – trust me I know the feeling – but it’s part of a bigger journey, a bigger plan. 

So, for the bible verses. I’m totally going to go into more depth about what these mean to me, and could mean to you. 


Perhaps 5 words you need to affirm over yourself every day, this verse is paramount to you remembering that you’re so much stronger than you think. No harm will come to you under the wing of the Lord, and you will find strength in him the more and more you pray to him. 


This is probably my second favourite bible verse. It’s a great reminder to enjoy your faith, and freely express it. 

So, to anyone who doubts their ability to pace themselves, just delight yourself in what you love and what you believe in whatever or whoever it may be.  

And, Girrrrrrrl, love yourself. 



1 thought on “life :: pace”

  1. I’m an inpatient mum! Only because I’ve done and got the Tshirt! As parents, we strive for our children to think and absorb and not be too reactive. This is not the case of the youth today. They live in the moment and can’t see what’s around the corner!
    I believe everything does happen for a reason and we are tested along the our journey.
    We have to love ourselves before we can truly endure love. Not in a the moment, but every minute of every day xx

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