love :: the greatest

One past experience has chance my outlook on love forever. I can't really say I was in love but who knows. Love is powerful and overcomes you, and makes you blind. You don't see how someone is crippling you until after a relationship ends.

"Your intelligence intimidates me" is a line from a guy that I will never forgot. It's become engraved on my brain. And I often refer back to it whenever I feel I have to.
It also makes me laugh because I take it as acompliment. It boosted my ego more than upset me at the time. If you can be intimidated by intelligence then you must view the world so differently to many.

I absolutely adore intelligence, and admire it in a significant other or a friend of either sex. The world is crying out for intelligent young people who can carry themselves through life consciously, rather than allowing themselves to be twisted into who society wants them to be portrayed to be.

So if my intelligence can intimidate someone, I'm thankful. Maybe I am becoming what I always aspired to. But intelligence is ever-growing and you learn from the people around you, and those you let inspire you.

What I learned was that I could rise above stuff. My interpretation of situations allowed me to read that if my intelligence was intimidating then I was worthy of a lot more. And I was definitely worthy then and still now and in the future, of being treated well by another human. We all deserve that.

I have spent way too long caring way too much about people that don't care even a tiny bit about me. I will no doubt still continue to care, it's part of my nature and perhaps even part of my calling, but to protect myself I will think before jumping in the deep end to save someone.

We're all after that great love that we read about in old novels. But the reality is that love is real, not fiction crafted by talent to make a desirable, often lustful love seem the norm. This craving of a love like the greats makes us search for the impossible. Or, we try to mould our relationships so that they reflect the "perfect relationship" we've seen.

Instead, we need an outlook where we view our relationship as our own. Relationships are incomparable, despite every couple going through similar motions – although that's usually linked to the flowchart of life. We've also got to just allow things to happen, allow things to pass – all should be natural, not artificial or forced.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



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