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Picture this: lying in bed at 00:42, thoughts buzzing, happiness overflowing when really, you should be sound asleep.

This is how I found myself on Friday night, la dernière soirée before my departure back to my beloved French home. It’s surprising the warmth and the joy I feel toward Libourne every time the dear town crosses my mind. I feel genuinely blessed to have been placed in the best town for my wellbeing and growth as a young woman, and it’s quaintness has challenged me to really take control of situations and be responsible. And the best thing, it’s nowhere near over yet.

I’ve entitled this post “homebird” as I do somewhat feel that I have this natural ability to make any place feel like home. I settle comfortably and naturally, giving myself time to explore each and every new place in which I live. I’m always curious if twenty year old me would feel as at home in Brazil as sixteen year old me did, and even then I was only there for a mere two weeks.

But you know, on the other hand, it’s this habit that makes home feel less like home and more where my parents and family live. The little village I live in will forever be the most beautiful place to live, and I couldn’t be happier about having grown up in such surroundings, but it’s funny how sometimes I feel like I’ve outgrown the place.

And with taking planes solo, my independence has ever thus grown and I’m starting to feel like an adult, who can get herself from A to B, with minimal help from family, and of my own volition. I have had the loveliest two weeks at home with my family. We have explored, laughed and eaten a lot of good food. The first Monday of my holiday at home entailed an all-clear at the dentist and a trip to Southport. We didn’t do anything spectacular in Southport, but it was nice to browse the shops with my mum, and I got some photos for the Insta and the blog…priorities. A lazy Tuesday followed, but was made up for by Wednesday’s trip to The Trafford Centre, where I inherited a whole new wardrobe thanks to my purse, and aching feet. We enjoyed a lovely late lunch at Bill’s, a restaurant that never disappoints. It was nice to spend time with both my parents and catch up on the time we’ve missed, as well as discuss future plans.

Thursday saw my mum and me take a tram into Manchester, a late birthday celebration for her. We enjoyed brunch at Alabama’s, somewhere I would totally recommend if you’re after a tasty yet affordable meal.

Friday must’ve been another chilled out day, since I don’t really remember what happened!

Fast forward to Sunday, and we enjoyed a lovely meal out with my Gran to a local Italian restaurant – and the food was deeeelicious.

My second week at home I met up with two friends on separate occasions.

My all-time best friend came round one evening and we chatted until the sun went down. I love that despite not seeing each other even once a week, our friendship never changes. A true friend for life.

I met up with my friend Rachel in Manchester and we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Beastro in Spinningfields.

I may not have been home for long, but since I might not be home until the end of August or beginning of September, I’m glad we made the most of it.

Love ,


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