love :: laisse tomber

The essence of letting go is faith.

It was easier than I thought to find my supposed ‘other half’ – though who really knows? Considering we are whole already in terms of body, perhaps we should stop describing our life companions as our ‘other halves’.

I do believe that it’s necessary for people to come and go throughout your lifetime. We are ever evolving and ever changing, and thus, we cannot be expected to always be drawn to the same souls throughout our years on earth.

You see, some people are temporary. Or some even have no duration at all – they come, and before you know it they’re gone again. They teach you a lesson, remind you of something or even someone and that’s it. Poof, they’re gone.

Trust me, it’s better that way.

Your heart can only hold so much, take so much, endure so much, love so much.

Think about how frazzled your brain becomes when you have so many names to remember, or so many things to remember to do.

It’s harsh to say, but some people are just unnecessary clutter, and God clears them out to make space for better, more beautiful things.

God called them to be there for us for only a short period of time.

God called them to be in our lives so they can make us better for the ones who are meant to stay forever.

One day we will realise “the difference between someone who touches our hand and someone who touches our soul”.

He doesn’t always answer our prayers because something better is in place, we just have to be patient and wait for it to arrive. What He wants for us is in His time. He is an infinite God, not an instant God. Prayer does not imply an instant, immediate response – it is not an ambulance call.

With time, I have learned to trust God more than I trust my ow feelings. Like people, feelings ae often temporary and suspect to change, improvement or deletion.

The heart does search temporary happiness and satisfaction which easily distorts the most normal of relationships. You see, disagreements are normal, and so are arguments, and the search for happiness forgets these important parts of relationship building.

Anyway, there’s just some thoughts and feelings and lessons for you on a Friday afternoon.

Je vous souhaite une belle journée.

Love ,


2 thoughts on “love :: laisse tomber”

  1. We need to embrace one another, share the bread and wine, discuss our successes and woes and more importantly learn to live with one another without judgement. This doesn’t get easier growing up, but it does make us resilient and forgiving. Love mum x

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  2. I love that you said prayer does not imply an instant response, it’s not ambulance call… how true it is that God’s plans are higher and far greater for us than we can ever imagine!

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