love :: trust

Better sorry than safe. How true is that? I’m really not one to play it safe, and I’m a little more than reckless from time to time. But I’m never scared, I trust in my path, in the Lord, in my future. I am anchored but free to wander. C’est ça que j’aime.

Being reckless of spirit is my own battle, often downfall, and now that I’m sharing moments with another, I’ve become more aware of myself and toned down my usual behaviour. I’m a very fun-loving, open kind of person, but I need to be trusted to feel secure.

Trust in a relationship takes time. I have friends I don’t even wholeheartedly trust, c’est comme ça. But when you love someone, trust us needs both ways.

With trust comes security and peace. It’s a safety blanket, results in progress and builds a solid future, especially for relationships.

Real love is not about holding out for the perfect person or finding someone who meets all the criteria on your list. Real love is about finding an imperfect person and building a messy, beautiful love.

Judgement can be clouded by love but it’s only illuminated by trust. To judge fairly, we trust the honesty of the other.

it’s not necessary to give someone the world, but it is necessary to trust them and to ride out the waves holding their hand – trusting that they’re on that journey into the depths with you.

It means becoming something that you weren’t before, this time tied with another person, with another soul that you may or may not fully know just yet. It means giving into love, giving into a lover’s embrace, giving that person the power to destroy you, and believing that they won’t.

Loving without fear can be hard, tough even. But it’s important to trust that things will work out for the best, and trust that your partner has your best interests at heart.

Voilà, a little devotional on trust when in love for you today.



One response to “love :: trust”

  1. Trust: is a life long experience with god. Trust in people, is a difficult concept as emotions are entwined.
    However, trusting and believing in yourself to do the right thing enhances our spiritual learning in seek of the right path. With love and hugs mum x

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