watch :: august

So as I always Netflix binge, and delve into the dark world of YouTube way too often, i thought why not start a monthly ‘watch’ series all about what I’ve been watching during the month. I’m sure I’ll start a ‘read’ and/or a ‘listen’ series soon enough, likely both, because I want to share more with all of you lovely readers.

So August, it’s been a great month so far. I’ve moved into my apartment in Bordeaux that I’m renting for just a month and I love my colocs (flatmates).


It’s Saturday morning, my boyfriend just left and I’m cuddled up on the sofa having just finished watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. And I am content.

I can be a sucker for lovey-dovey films. But I’ve not enjoyed a romance of this type since 10 Things I Hate About You – my all-time favourite.

It’s the type of film that’s great after a morning of cuddling, because it continues to keep you all warm and fuzzy. I found it to be not too cheesy, despite a storyline that would make you vomit in your mouth.

I love Lara Jean’s character, silently not-so innocent yet intelligent and not at all manipulative. Pretty and stylish, without being that it-girl that’s always no.1 in films.


*Disclaimer: many sexual references. May I note it’s French*

I’ve also recently watched Lila Dit Ça (Lila Says), a French film about an Arab (called Chimo) who falls in love with a blonde, blue-eyed angel of a French girl. It has really great, almost-real life scenes, and a vintage-like picture. The boy has a talent for writing, for playing with his words and is pointed in the direction of a writing institute in Paris. Of course, his Arab friends aren’t best pleased. The group set eyes on the blonde, his friend saying “Inch’Allah on va s’épouser”.

When the pair meet, she is forward but she is alluring and he is instantly intrigued by watching as she swings on a wooden playground swing. After this meeting, he writes better and better as he is clearly struck by coup de foudre (love at first sight).

What I love about French cinema is all the words are left to imagery, and facial expressions. When the pair are on the bike, her in his arms as he steers, it’s a scene of romance with nice music – until of course, she makes more sexual comments about her body to lure him in. She is the kind of girl they write about in great novels, for sure. Her allure is typically French, angelic yet mischievous and she plays with Chimo like a cat with a ball on a string.

The film demonstrates French-Arab culture, young boys attempting to draguent (pull) girls, their respect for their mothers and hints ever-so slightly at racial issues via the regards of people when the couple are in public together. Even his mother believes it’s impossible for an Arab boy and a French girl to be together, happily.

Despite the sexual references, I find this film charming. It has a certain inexplicable aura and warmth, and a love that develops through its imperfect imagery. My favourite scene is where Lila circles Chimo in the street claiming she dreamt of him – I love the camera angle.

If you understand French, it’s definitely one to watch. But don’t blame me for the recommendation if French-style romance is not your thing!

Lila, voila. Elle a changé ma vie.”

So there you have it, a little round up of two films to watch before August is over.

Love ,


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