university :: one down, five to go

Happy Monday lovelies!

Wowee, the last twenty four hours have been completely the opposite of the contents of my last post. And for that, I am grateful.

Display of happiness in Grasse, Côté d’Azur, France

This morning I had my first written exam of the season. It was not by any means ‘good’ and there was inevitably so much more I could have known before the exam. It did, however, lift the recurring mental block I have been having for the past few days. It was the longest I have concentrated on one thing, even if it was only an hour! While the essay answer was not mindblowingly brilliant,  I did all I could. But heck yeah, I made it through my first exam!!! That is enough to motivate me for the rest of them.

There’s so much I haven’t reflected on which is no doubt why I am feeling so bottled up. But life moves fast, and I have been trying to live in the moment more. What I aim from here on out is to get back that balance of reflection and practicality. I am trying every day, and that makes me proud of myself.

The pressure I have put myself under has made me physically and mentally unwell, and I refuse to keep myself on that track. It’s a weird one because even to this day, I find it so hard to open up to people. I am getting there, and whether I do or don’t, my life has purpose.

My housemates, who are dear dear friends to me, have kept up my motivation, and my spirits. Each and every one of them has their own way, and altogether as a house, we are like this little team of lovely humans (*bias*) muddling through life and its hiccups. It is the best that we each bring something different to the table. There have been, and are, many people I can rely on in my life, but these guys have surpassed that. They are wonderful and I am so, so endlessly grateful. I am not at all the perfect housemate, yet they work around that and have taught me different ways of doing things without marginalising me. If you ever read this, I adore you all.

3 out of 5 of Kensington: myself, Zoe, Ebba
The beautiful Ebba

Life has felt so out of control lately, and it is until today that I have regained that control. There’s still six days of this week to go, and Saturday consists of two exams… So here’s to a positive week of revision, sunshine and happiness.




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