forever :: goodness

Aloe Vera = pure goodness, nutrition and power. There’s not much aloe vera can’t help with, and while it can’t be called a cure, it is definitely a powerful aid for ailments and the likes. Forever’s Aloe = the ultimate ingredient: Purest on the market 40 years experience Soothing Potent inner leaf gel Naturally succulent […]

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forever :: recipe

Hey lovelies, so tonight I wanted to share with you, as promised on Facebook, my protein bites recipe using two of my Forever favourites. If you didn’t know from my Instagram (@ku_layrosas), I’m a total foodie. Although truth be told, I haven’t actually gone “out” for food in a long while – need to change […]

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forever :: infinite

When it comes to ageing, one aspect that Forever can help be a positive influence on is your skin routine. Our incredible new line of skincare introduces remarkable formulas and natural ingredients that work together to restore the skin’s moisture balance, stimulate healthy collagen levels and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infinite by […]

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forever :: unleash

As an undergraduate student, it’s that time of the year when exams have hit. I have already cried into my pillow, had a sleepless night, taken my anxiety medication and had a panic attack. THIS IS NOT IDEAL. AND THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yesterday, I sat two exams, one being what I thought would be […]

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forever :: summer desires

Summer is coming. I don’t know what the weather has been like for you wherever you’re reading this from, but up here in Lancaster, it’s been superb. I got myself off to the gym on Friday, after fully contemplating the idea of not wearing a bikini on the beach over summer, out of embarrassment. As […]

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beauty :: treasures

Hey lovelies!  Thought it was about time to mix up my blog content, and what better way to do so than with a beauty post! I don’t often talk beauty, other than Forever related posts, mainly ‘cos it’s not my forte, and I much prefer fashion.  However, recently I’ve done a few beauty things, including […]

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forever :: its nectar

*I was taught the (Northern, I assume) phrase “it’s nectar” earlier this year. It means = its good/class/top-notch. All that kinda jazz.* See my P.S. for how to get your own Forever products. Now that I’m back home and have the kitchen appliances I know how to use properly  (our oven’s symbols at uni were […]

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forever :: update

It’s been a while since I discussed Forever Living’s products and thought I’d do a little catch up post. I’m still using their products daily, I really do have the aloe-bug. I have not found fault with a single product that I’ve tried yet. And even doing crazy things with them like putting their deodorant […]

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forever :: gimme more

Hello again! Today I waned to share with you a few more Forever Living products I’ve been using! These are just as great as the last, I can promise you that! SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER This duo are wonderful. My hair was so silky smooth after using them, and they both smell incredible. I desperately need […]

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forever :: lotions n potions

Okay, okay, okay. I’m gonna get all excited on you. Friday was my first proper day of trialing Forever Living Products and I can hand on heart say, I’m impressed. I had tried a selection of the products before when at my friend’s pamper party at a hair salon back home. But until you start to […]

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