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Hey lovelies! 

Thought it was about time to mix up my blog content, and what better way to do so than with a beauty post!

I don’t often talk beauty, other than Forever related posts, mainly ‘cos it’s not my forte, and I much prefer fashion. 

However, recently I’ve done a few beauty things, including quite a drastic change!

So, here are my recent purchases…


So there I am shopping around in Boots in Lancaster, looking for a new foundation when I see the greatest offer: 4 mini items for £15, and a free makeup bag. To my surprise, the offer was by Benefit. 

Now I’ve always had great results from using benefit products, and the They’re Real mascara is one product I would swear by! It’s definitely a makeup bag essential. And so, this “deal” really excited me. 

The 4 things I picked up were…

  • Benetint lip & cheek stain
  • Posietint lip & cheek stain
  • Gimme brow (no.5)
  • High Beam highlighter 

As I said, I was after a new foundation in Boots, and actually looking around, I went for a Max Factor one.  

I love the consistency of this one, it’s super easy to apply and not sticky like some foundations. Plus, it’s a primer, foundation and concealer all in one!

I also wanted to mention this saviour for my skin, which is actually a Forever Living product. It’s the Epiblanc. 

I’ve been using it to combat the redness and blemishes I suffer from on my face, and so far it’s really made a difference. I feel a lot more confident to go out of the house without makeup on now! 

And then in other news, which is only really big for myself…

I’ve had a drastic change of hair colour. 

Now, don’t get me wrong I loved it copper/ginger. And I wrote a post on it and a SCAN article (my uni newspaper). 

But, my roots were starting to show, and the more I dyed it the more orange it went. And then when I didn’t keep on top of dyeing it, my hair started to fade into a brown colour. Not exactly what I wanted. 

Now I really wanted to dye it silver but it’s major effort, and you’re supposed to do it on clean (not dyed) hair and I would’ve had to have bleached mine. 

I did try (and failed) to bleach my hair but I honestly just ended up looking like a cheese string because of the ginger. The roots ressembled the white cheese as they’d gone platinum blonde and the rest, particularly the middle section the orange mature cheddar cheese. *major eye roll*. 

So I quickly rectified all of that straight after I did it, about 4 weeks ago now. 

But earlier this week I just fancied a change. 

So the colour I have gone is this…

It’s called “Natural Dark Burgundy Brown”, and it’s turned out a lot darker than I expected. So after the dyeing process I did have a little bit of a heart-attack. 

But if you know me, you’ll know I’m quite partial to an ombré. So I actually bleached the ends using this:

I’d totally recommend these products above, I used them for my ombré/lighter ends last year and got the results I was after. 

I wanted the ends rose gold. Warning: this is such a difficult colour to achieve, even with expert dye like Schwarzkopf. 

I’ve done this twice and the ends only look rose gold in person, so sorry guys! You’ll have to hunt me down in person to see the real thing!

But anyway here’s me being a lil’ piggy for you. Note: this was prior to the rose gold. 

That’s all for now!

I’ve a couple “life” posts coming out soon, so check them out when they’re live!


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