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Awakenings of the heart truly open us up as people, and through them we learn more about ourselves.

Yes, it is ok to shut yourself off from the world from time to time. And I just want to say that depression is pretty natural. So please, do not hate on yourself if you go through it, or have gone through it, or may go through it in the future.

And when you don’t know where you’re headed, and if you path is unclear, then please for the love of God, do not fret.

You see, you are so much more than you could ever think. And your perceptions of yourself can often be harmful, as they’re untrue and totally conjured up by your own mind and imagination which can magnify your so-called flaws and imperfections whether physical, mental or personality-wise.

We are made in the image of God. And that is what counts, and why we are bound for greatness. Read this if you want to know more about being made in God’s image.

We have been uniquely imprinted with traits in likeness to God and called for a wonderful purpose which brings glory to Him and shows God to the world.

Don’t be fooled by those who appear to have their shit together. No one has their shit together. All of us are messy, have a “past”. But we are all destined for greatness and we can achieve it when bound together through hope. As the author of SoulScripts says in one of her posts:

Do what the good Lord etches on your heart – day by day. And you’re only going to find out what that is by talking to Him and letting Him talk to you through His people and His Word.

Because when you start talking to God and letting Him in on your plans, you’ll see the beauty of a process unfolding, instead of trying to teleport in a hyper-controlled fashion to a single point on a map. You’ve already arrived because you’re a daughter of God. So enjoy the journey – He’s got it all mapped out.


Shine like you are glitter. 

Light up the world. 

Ignite the fire within your soul. 

Oh Comely’s featured article, Skins by Liz Evershed, powerfully reminded me that nothing should hold you back. In particular, you should not hold yourself back, or allow anything to. 

As Evershed says, apparently the “human body takes seven years to regenerate, each cell replacing itself once or many times within that span”. 

Now that would situate me as heading towards the penultimate years of my second regeneration, and I guess you could simply call the first seven years birth. 

Your skin should always feel like home. 


This post from Hannah Gale is so honestly real and worth a read. We all have meltdowns, and they are completely ok, natural, and necessary to realign us on our paths. 

So here are some tips I’ve compiled to help you avoid, or rather get through your meltdown mode. 

1. Sleep it off. Pop on your cutest, cosiest pj’s, get into bed, and ignore the world. Sleep for as long as your body needs to. 

2. Cry. Have a really good blubbering, messy cry. It will clear your head, de-jumble your thoughts, and make you feel 100% better. 

3. Buy yourself flowers. Self-explanatory. 

4. Hot water bottle. Also self-explanatory. 

5. Put on some real funky tunes and dance like no one’s watching. Alternative: go to the gym. It’s all about those endorphins baby. 
Final words…

Keep being you. And keep being brave. 


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