Hey so,

After a long deliberation in which months have passed by, I have decided to change my blog over from Blogger to here, WordPress. I have countless articles and weighed up both the pros and cons. I am mainly doing this because I wanted my own .com; I can’t lie it makes me feel pretty cool. Plus, I want to own my own blog, not just write a blog. I’ve saved up like mad to make this happen so if you are a fellow blogger and have tips on how I can improve or get more readers (etc. etc. etc.) pleeeeeease get in touch.

Hopefully some of you will have read my blogspot before, and will redirect yourselves here. I hope I can still keep you lovely people interested.

If not, check out: And here’s a little backstory… I’m Anna and I’m a first-year French, Linguistics & English Language student at Lancaster University. I claim not to be that interesting a person and instead am a person interested in things. In particular, clothes set my heart racing, art galleries make me weak at the knees, and anything that I can take a picture of also intrigues my eye. Basically, I am a very girly girl.

I love my family to bits and my friends mean the world to me. And then there’s Josh, the best boyfriend a girl could wish for (cheeeeeese).

Blog-wise, I focused mainly on fashion and its my plan to keep going with that, but I will probably throw a few “feelings” posts in there every so often – we all need to rant every so often. Also, day trips and reviews will be posted, along with little creative writing “moments”.

So, until then, have a lil’ read on the old site via the link above and see if you like it. And please please please comment below if there’s anything you would like me to write about.



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