fashion :: scarlet fever

During a moment of boredom, I did an online clothes shop. I really should find an alternative way (that ultimately does not cost nada) to entertain myself. But I was too tempted. All the thoughts of “what will I wear” haunt me at this time of year. Actually, make that every day of every year. And as it’s coming up to Christmas, I convinced myself I needed something new to wear. 

So, the boohoo delivery came but as we were “evacuated” from uni last Sunday afternoon (due  to heavy flooding and powercuts), I made the journey up on Friday to pick the parcel up. In the car ride home, I was buzzing. I excitedly clambered out and ran upstairs to try the items on. 5 dresses to be exact. 

And then the utter disappointment hit. One dress was a big no no. Another dress had a mark on it but it looked terrible anyway. The third was pretty but the collar had been sown weird and then ironed weird. Now the fourth was gorgeous. It fit like a glove. But then when I looked in the mirror, I realised the cut out detail on the neckline looked dodgy. Just above the bust it was pretty, two symmetrical and simple, flattering cut outs. But then they had gone and ruined the dress with cut outs close to but not on the shoulders. On my petite yet “plus size” frame, this just looked wrong. And it meant a strapless bra would be necessary – which I didn’t have at the time. 

To put all this into more context, I had decided the night before to go to my youth group’s Christmas party/dance: the Snowball. So this horrific dress disaster situation made me not want to go. I left all the dress on the bed and rummaged through my own and even my mum’s wardrobe. There was no epiphany moment. No “omg I forgot I even had this” moment. Instead there was a spoilt brat moment; tears streaming down my face as I’m sat on my bed like “I CAN’T GO I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”. On reflection, I overreacted. 

It was the fifth which caused a dress dilemma. Although I’m calling it the fifth dress, it was the first that I tried on. Super girly, almost boho with lace bell sleeves, I loved it as soon as I put it on. My only concern was the length of the sleeves themselves. I have only recently realised the lack of length my arms have. Upon asking my dad’s opinion, he said I wouldn’t be able to wear it “yet”, i.e until the sleeves had been altered. 

But I wore it in the end because as you have been informed, I had nothing to wear. Suprisingly, the sleeves didn’t bother me as much as my dad had hypothesised. I felt lovely in it. The rich berry but slightly scarlet colour of course meant a similarly coloured lipstick. And I paired it with some recently bought costume jewellery and a box clutch. 


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