hair :: to be blunt or not to be blunt

The night before I have my haircut is dilemma-ridden. I leave everything to the last minute, but this is one decision that can change within seconds, that can be altered by persuasion, suggestion and ultimately, flattery. 

Pinterest is my go to for haircut/style inspiration, I practically rely on it to give me want I want. Check out my Pinterest @kulayrosas to see what I’m pinning! I scroll through madly trying to find something that resembles the idea in my head. After much searching, I decided…

My plan is a long blunt bob. My hair is at that awkward length at the moment. It’s too short to do anything “proper” with, and goes bob length when curled. But then it’s too long to even call short. So calling the awaited style a long bob will suffice. I was thinking blunt because it needs a bit of drama, a bit of a style. And why not try it? 

There was temptation to go for a fringe again – although my mum rightly reminded me of how much I detested it last time. So the fringe is being put off until my hair is flowy and long enough to have layers. 

I will update this post tomorrow with how it looks! That is, if I get a decent picture.



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