life :: London pt.1

There have been some big changes in my life in the past few days; great upheaval, many mistakes – hence the lack of posts in the past fortnight. 

But on Friday night a new friend I recently made whisked me away (at 100 miles per hour on the M1) to our capital city. 

The journey of five hours to London comprised of McDonald’s mozzarella sticks, hot chocolate and me giddily dancing to Connor’s (very stereotypically girly (he loves Tay Tay)) music in the car. 
Safe to say I had soooooo much fun. Although the we’d gone to just “get away”, basically run away from our problems…we learned a lot from it and about each other. 

Friday night was a late one, we didn’t get back to our hotel (Club Quarters, Lincoln Inn Fields) until nearly 4am. We didn’t party, don’t worry. It had been a simple venture to Soho which resulted in us walking Regent and parts of Oxford Street, me getting excited over Topshop, and Connor dragging me down streets and away from the men who cycle around asking if you want a lift. 


We walked a little around Leicester Square, and I can’t actually remember how we even got to Chinatown from there. We literally kept walking and walking all night. 

I’m there running across roads in my little heels and just-below-the-knee length bodycon dress (Debenhams – purchased over Christmas), trying to keep up with Connor’s long legs. 

After making our way through London, a taxi driver pointed out that we were 30seconds away from being in Soho. Finally, we thought. Connor grabbed my hand and pulled me down the road excitedly. In the end we opted for a mini exploration of Chinatown. It was nearly 3am, we were hungry and all I wanted to do was sit down.

After my rant about prostitution (there were at least 3 women selling themselves on one street alone), we decided where to eat. A little Chinese takeaway/restaurant. They told us to go sit on the first floor so we hurried up the little staircase and took our seats. 

We decided on spicy ribs for starter and mmmm I think both Connor and I can say we spent 5/10 minutes in heaven. They were coated in something spicy but was slightly sweet and garlic, chilli, and onions surrounded them. 


For mains, Connor opted for your usual sweet and sour chicken which actually tasted so amazing! I went for duck in lemon sauce and OMG. Get your cute butts down to Chinatown and try it. Both Connor and I were moaning in delight at the taste of this beautiful dish. 

After the Chinese, we grabbed a taxi back to our hotel and bed time.

Pt.2 coming soon.



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