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So by now you should’ve seen my post about Manchester last Wednesday with my boyfriend… If you’ve not, why not?! Hating on you (but still loving you). Check it out.

The post was getting so long that I didn’t spend long talking about my outfit. Nor Josh’s so here goes…
This is one of those photos I love to take when my face is just not looking right for the camera. As you can see, I’m looking blonder than ever. And you can see my new earrings, they’ll be featured in an upcoming jewellery haul post. I love them. They’re so retro and yes, a little chavvy but we all need that in our lives sometimes. I also have on two new pieces of clothing.

First, a black top which I’ll have to post some other time because the neckline cut out details are gorgeous and super feminine. And then there’s my red waistcoat from AX Paris at ASOS. I got this a couple of weeks ago to just spice up my wardrobe a bit. And it was a total bargain at £20 (I think…)! 

To make my outfit a little more funky, I put on my recent buy…these gorgeous Topshop boots in a gorgeous snakeskin print. I was a bit silly in buying them but I did get 10% student discount off them, and so they’re worth it! They are comfy and a great height, although I really need to wear them a lot more as I ended up with a blister on the top of my foot (ouch I know!!!). 

And then here’s a picture of me in front of some awesome graffiti just off Oxford Road and in front of Black Dog Ballroom/Sound Control. 
And then the boyfriend…

I’ve have been asked countless times if I have tried to “style” Josh or buy him clothes, and truth be told I’ve never actually bought him clothing in the (almost eek) two years we’ve been together. So I always say no, but the fact people ask me that clearly means they think he dresses well! And I think he does. Part of the reason I find him attractive, but I’ll stop there to not go all lovey dovey on you babes. 

I think the worst thing you can do is try to change someone, but it’s even worse if you’re not honest with someone. Josh and I have this policy that we will tell each other ALWAYS if we don’t suit something we’re wearing. I weirdly love it when he’s like “no get it off” when we’re in Topshop and I have to run back behind the curtain of the fitting room. Our relationship is good like that. And I’m glad he listens to me about what t-shirts I don’t like him in. Honesty is the best policy people. 

So yeah anyway, for Manchester Josh was kitted out in his purple turtleneck jumper (which he looks super adorable in), blue jeans, black boots which I love, his “dressing gown” coat as his brother calls it, and his scarf. I adore the scarf. Partly because I chose it. I love the colours in it and they really suit him and the kind of clothes he wears. I’ve never seen him in tracksuit bottoms, he’s a classy guy. (And I love him hehe. Man this is cheesy.)
I hope you’re all well, please follow me and keep reading!

If you got anything you’d like me to write about drop me a message on any social media outlet or below in the comments!
Lots of love,


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