faith :: forgive

Since being home from university, I’ve experienced all kinds of emotions. Distress, happiness, stress, excitement – just to name a few. And what? I’ve been back like a week.
Before coming home for Easter, which is like the one thing that kept me going, I ended up with tonsillitis. The whole thing made no sense as although it’s not contagious, I had been in contact with all of three people in the space of five days. Weird.

But anyway. Easter kept me going. As usual we went to my gran’s church on Easter Sunday; the family tradition. And seeing all the family in the evening was wonderful.

The message that the minister preached was about choosing your own Easter story to what suits you best. What you like best. Pick and choose. Now, I had a little issue with this as I don’t think you should really pick and choose what you believe in when a Christian. For me, it’s all or nothing. For example, I never understood speaking in tongues and that it was all lies and gibberish until it happened to myself, and then I was like woah I get this now. I’ve watched myself grow since moving church over a year ago, there’s so much happiness in my new church that I feel alive before, during and after every single service. There’s so much energy in the room. Maybe it’s the Holy Spirit, maybe it’s just the smile on everyone’s faces.

In a world where we’re forced to live full speed, neglecting the true things going on around us, Jesus is needed. To anyone who contemplates what Christians are going on about all the time, I like to bring it back to one simple thing. Love. Jesus loves us. Someone who you don’t even know and are not likely to bump into in a high school corridor or a supermarket in the 21st century, loves YOU. You mean the world to him. And whether you believe or not, he loves you. That’s not something that can be taken away.

I’ve made mistakes. We all have. I won’t listen to anybody make out that they are a perfect, innocent person. No matter how big or small, no matter whether you lied, you stole, you cheated, you blasphemed, you disrespected someone, you showed hatred, you’ve made a mistake at least once in your life. But believing in Jesus helps with this.

I find and have been told, that I am a very forgiving person. I just move on quickly and leave it or the person behind. If I’ve been wronged I don’t stay close to the person, but I forgive and let go. Forgiveness is the best part of the Christian faith, in my opinion. It’s something we need to pass on across the world. And it’s the only thing that really will bring peace; because, we all know it’s difficult to love everyone.




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