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I can’t quite remember from where, but I heard that nudes are the colour to work this season. This all seems a little obvious, as it’s a constant trend, like camel, which works its way into everyday style. However, I do think donning a lot of blush and neutral tones can be really flattering, as shown in a few of the pictures I gathered together from Pinterest last night. Find me on there @kulayrosas

If you’re not all that confident for whatever (silly) reason then opt for cremes and silvery greys to keep the look soft and elegant.

I adore the outfit in the first picture below. The pleated lace skirt is subtly, yet wonderfully, showcased by the long, oversized knit.

I love the wide leg trousers in a dusty pink, with a more nude/camel flowy coat. The bangs and feathered hairstyle make this look so bohemian and makes me eager to grow my hair out again.

In the fourth picture, the metallic backpack is a great accessory; it adds an edgy that only shiny pieces can. And the topknot finishes off the look, tying it all together.


Try your hand at blush tones by choosing subtle pieces at first, capsule items; perhaps a bodysuit, a bralette or a knit. Once you’re confident working a neutral-toned piece, opt for more statement pieces like a blazer or pair of culottes.

Let me know how you get on, DM me pictures on Instagram @ku_layrosas or snap me them @annaj_m .





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