fashion :: if you dare

Now, of course I don’t know what your taste is when it comes to what you wear. But for me, the pattern, the colour, the fabric, the shape are ALL major factors in why I buy something, regardless of the price (my ultimate downfall).


If you were to open the doors of my full-to-the-brim wardrobe, you’d be awash with patterns of all kinds; florals, polka dots, stripes, tribal and Aztec inspired pieces. It’s mad. I never wear in anything “boring”. I just can’t stand it.


Even on a night out when I once wore all black, I wore bright pink lipstick just to get some colour in there. Plus, my hair was long and half blonde so luckily, the black didn’t make me look all dark, depressive and gloomy.

I cannot stand outfits with lack of colour; it’s just a personal taste. I will either combine a variety of colours or have one statement colour to carry the look effortlessly.


Now fabric is something I don’t always pay attention to, unless it’s like that awful scuba fabric that only works with bikinis or if you’re super slim and have no lumps and bumps. I much prefer lightweight fabrics as I run warm quickly, and then if i’m cold I’ll layer different fabrics and textures to add interest to my look.


We all know, or at least should know, to dress for our shape. My gran always told me, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a size 8 or a size 16, you buy the right size, or the next size up so that the piece hangs correctly on your body. Never have I had such good clothes advice!

Take peplums for example. I adore them, they look amazing. But they look terrible on me as I’m not exactly lacking in the chest department and they only influence my “child-bearing” (as my father says about my mother’s side of the family) hips.

I’ve a problem with jeans too, and it’s not just because I’m like a miniature human. I have a weirdly short torso yet because of my large hips, any low-rise jeans just do not work. I don’t opt for high-waisted jeans however, I usually just yank whatever jeans I wear up around my waist and head off out the door.


I adore all of these six looks below, imagine wearing them…!!!

The mustard and royal blue stripes appeal to me as they’re super quirky and would work all year round; whole the black and gold stripes are chic and elegant, superb for visiting a city like Paris or New York.

The sparkles in the fourth snap remind me of the lights in Leicester Square in London, I love that place. Mixing trainers with something so bold offsets the look and brings it up-to-date, stopping it from looking too galactic and hyped-up.

The third, fifth and sixth photos have me drooling! Flowy pieces just grab my attention and never let it go. Imagine shimmy-ing down the streets of Paris in either three of these outfits… Ahhhhh, perfection.


I dare you to be bold in what you wear, not afraid of turning heads and making a statement. Show your personality through your clothes, and if all black or all grey is you, promise me you’ll chuck on some coloured costume jewellery or something! Just for me ;).




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