life :: MCR 

Hello all!

Despite what has suddenly become dreary weather, I took a little trip into Manchester today. 

I didn’t take as many photos as I may usually take but here’s a couple regardless…

That typical ticket photo
From Victoria I headed off for some lunch and then up into NQ. For once I didn’t go in a single shop – the student lack-of-money situation has hit (and I’m madly saving for my third year abroad). I’m not going to lie, I’m rather proud of myself for resisting. 

I got my fashion fix from the Vogue 100 exhibition instead, post-walk through Chinatown. I want to go back here and take more photos, it’s cute to say the least. 

Manchester Art Gallery is a place I adore going to, and I couldn’t not go back to see Vogue again either. 
I lust over the illustrated covers dating back to 1916 the most, they’re just so beautiful. Urghhh, is it possible to want more Vogue in your life?! 

Poor #ootd selfie
I really should’ve taken an outfit selfie/picture prior to going out – before I was all frizzy-hair, creased dress, sweaty mess. That kind of look cannot be helped in this humidity, we all know that. But here you go, a rushed selfie that isn’t quite a selfie cos where’s the rest of my face?! Urgh. Blogger fail. 

Anyway, this coral-coloured dress is from George @ Asda. I was in desperate need of a throw-on beach dress that could be be dressed up too for evenings, and this is  the one. It doesn’t look like it in this photo but I had on gold hooped earrings; two bangles and a friendship bracelet; and two of my favourite rings. 

All in all, a lovely day as usual in the city. 



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