year abroad :: un mois

So as I’m nearly a month into living in the second motherland, I thought it about time for reflection.

There’s so much to discover every single day, and it’s so exciting when something new happens.

Just this past week, I’ve made an incredible friend and been introduced to so many other kind people, who treat me like a normal person, rather than objectifying me as “la fille anglaise”. It is, however, so endearing when people are so excited to meet me. I’m just as excited to meet them, but to have a child who is learning English at school beam at you and say all the polite words he knows, it’s just truly a blessing. It’s heart-warming and you can feel the kindness and genuineness in moments like these.

Two Fridays ago, it was lovely to be shown the sweetest place in Libourne yet. It was so nice to have a moment in the countryside, beside a little river, and to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

I’m loving life as an English Assistant, and as much as it’s daunting standing in front of a bunch of teenagers and students the same as you, all I want to do is help them through their exams and give them some hope for life. I feel so honoured to have been given this opportunity, and want to continue working my socks off to help other people. Education is power, but so is just simply being kind.

Friday 13th was an up and down day for all, that’s the only way to put it. But, I had the loveliest surprise. The English teacher’s of Max Linder threw me a little luncheon, and had all brought food and drinks. This made me feel so welcome and special, and I completely was blown away with how excited they are to have me at the school.

I also got to try a Bordeaux delicacy: la toque cuivrée. Spiced rum, ooh la la! Hahaha. You have to try these, they’re an acquired taste and texture, but this brand’s toques are the only way they should be apparently. I’m certainly down for them.

It’s so incredible to have met so many new people of all walks of life, I feel so immersed in the French culture and less like an outsider when I realise how similar French and British culture is.

All for now. But you can expect more experiences in dribs and drabs. To see more of what I get up to, follow me on Instagram @ku_layrosas, and DM me for my Snapchat.



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