year abroad :: ease

So far I am easing back into life here in the South West of France. It’s shocking to think I’ve nearly been back a whole week, and even more scary how soon the end of my ‘year abroad’ is approaching. But in true Anna-style, I’m delaying it until as late as possible.

It’s been great to catch up with the friends here, and especially hang out with my friend Bernie, even if it did involve roping him into checking my French project over and over. This is definitely going to keep happening over the next few months, I really hope he’s taken my warning seriously.

On Tuesday evening, I ventured out about 50 steps from my house to the cinema. A teacher I work with invited me to watch a film with a film association she’s part of. I absolutely love this idea of introducing the film, watching it and then discussing it and debating afterwards. I have always been a fan of independent films (it probably stems from the love of all things foreign). In fact, I was invited back in November and just never got round to actually going, but now I’m definitely going to continue. Mariana was the title of the film, although it’s true title in it’s Chilean origin is “Los Perros”, which translates from Spanish as “The Dogs”. Admittedly, I dozed off a number of times to my own horror – I’m still praying no one saw… But I’m giving myself some credit, it was past 9pm and in Spanish with French subtitles and I’d be up since 6:30am, I was tired man. Of what I saw of the film, I’m still conflicted over what I thought of it. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I didn’t hate it. It was weird to say the least, 100% without a hero or heroine, and definitely highlighted a lot about modern domination and a women’s fight to counteract the dogs (i.e the men) in her life.

I’ve spent most of today attempting to get on with one of my projects. I was successful to say the least, until a group of infuriating girls disturbed the peace in the coffee shop with their screeching. It was the first time I’d properly sat in this coffee shop and I enjoyed it, until that happened. I’m hoping I’m not going to need to find another place when I venture out in the future, I really enjoyed my vanilla latté.

So as of this evening, I’m going to enjoy this “nouveau chapitre” that is 2018, I even picked up a decent diary for once to keep myself super organised. Organisation and discipline are my two resolutions for 2018.

Until next time.



1 thought on “year abroad :: ease”

  1. Thought provoking words, lead me in ernst of aspiring to be better organised myself in terms of lesson planning. So here I sit readjusting my scheme of work Discipline i fear is the hardest to get a grips with. I need to have loads but don’t know where to start.
    At the beginning my conscious speaks ….
    With love and hugs mum xx


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