year abroad :: moments

It’s 20:22 and I’m on a train home back to Libourne. After a long day shopping, I’m worn out, my feet ache and I’ve a rumbling stomach. But what a great week it has been.

Plus, how sick is this view of Bordeaux from today – completely unedited too! That’s what you get for replacing your broken lightning cable at Apple.

Last Sunday saw me on a train to Bordeaux, with the plan to meet with the other girls from church. We ate together and read through Galatians together, and it was so lovely to meet a few new faces. After Bordeaux Church’s service, I managed to stay behind properly for the first time and share a meal with the others there. I was so happy that this was possible because I met another two people for the first time. Who knows where first meetings can lead!

The working week was nothing spectacular, as usual, and I had a bout of a tummy bug which put me out on Wednesday. Friday afternoon was riveting: a trip to the theatre. This was with the secondary school I’m working for, and a trip with the English department and all the students who study English for the baccalauréat. Before we even got to the theatre, however, I was unexpectedly given the responsibility of getting the actors to the theatre. My mind raced as I internally panicked over the quality of my French, but then I was reminded that they were all English and I took a sigh of relief. To top it off, they were so lovely, and not at all pretentious but also really eager to know why I was in France. Living in this small town, it was nice to have a conversation in English with English people, rather than conversations in fragmented, learner’s English all on the topics within the curriculum.

The play itself was a poignant adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451. It’s about the burning of books by firemen during the Second World War, but also generally about losing one of life’s pleasures. It reminded me of how lucky we are to have books, words and be able to read (in all its forms).

And, I almost forgot, I returned to the Cinéphiles “club” at the cinema in Libourne on Tuesday night. That evening they were showing a Hungarian film with the title “La Juste Route” in French, highlighting the tensions between the Hungarians and Jews at the end of WW2. It’s a part of history I’ve never studied before and definitely left me wondering more about what happened. The picture was absolutely beautiful. Shown in black and white, the lighting was just exceptional and it all aided in creating the clear tensions in the village. The music was a wondrous companion and set the tone well. It almost felt like a Western film at times too, I loved the nods to so many cinematic expressions throughout the years.

But the highlight of the whole week was booking an AirBnB in Paris for the February holidays! I am so excited, and glad to be going being a tourist again in one of the chicest cities in the world. Although I’m 100% not that chic, the grandeur of Paris has always appealed to me. I really want to explore not just the big sights but the small, artsier places within the city. Let’s see what we can do in 4 days eh! You’ll definitely be hearing all about it.

Little personal peak of joy: I fit back into my favourite pink leather skirt! Although I’ve still got a way to go to look how I want to, losing 8kg and fitting back into this skirt have really perked me up. Even more motivated now!

So tomorrow it’s back to Bordeaux in the afternoon for church. I’m definitely having a lazy morning and lying in – bet I wake up at 7am as usual though…



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