life :: a realisation

Now this isn’t something I would usually write about, nor am I one hundred percent confident writing about it. However, I woke up this morning, feeling pretty good after what turned out to be a ten hour sleep with a few disturbances in between. I did the usual social media scroll (a habit we all want to escape from but never realise) but actually came across something that sparked thoughts through my still-in-slumber brain.

And it’s something I really think you also need to read:

Seemingly gone are the days of quiet, actually constructive comments away from other family members, and now we just bash each other subconsciously on social media. We may not all be saying “he’s fat”, “she’s fat”, “he’s too skinny”, “she’s too skinny” but we are all guilty of posting UNREALISTIC photographs of ourselves, and sometimes publicly celebrating a physical part of our can be so detrimental to others. If I speak honestly, bikini “pics” do this to me. I have never ever had the sickening thing they call a “bikini body” and I whole-heartedly know that even if I did have one, I really would not be posting it all over Instagram. For starters, I would get myself on a beach and in the sea. But back to the issue of posting it…I don’t feel the need for that kind of acceptance, and it’s such a private thing. I’m not saying it’s wrong to show off your body or show parts of it, but from your shoulders to the bottom of you butt is a personal area and I feel we have completely disrespected that fact. And despite all of this, every time I see one, it still eats me up that I might never look like that.

What happened to the whole self-love, body positivity thing that was created? But even as I ask that question, I’m reminded of the fact that these things may have actually escalated the problem. We are definitely in a world of over-sharing, and it’s the over-sharing that is tearing us apart mentally, making us value ourselves less. I also feel like what made you feel yourself, or “unique”, has less importance nowadays, as you can easily find someone else in the social media sphere that has the same interest, the same passion, the same quirk. We have become so utterly desensitised to global horrific issues, and are not able to properly express our opinions and our thoughts because we just don’t have enough to say.

The weight that we give to someone’s weight and size needs to be lost. We’ve moved away from weight being a health issue, and turned it into a social acceptance issue. I have realised that I’m actually missing out on SO much because I’ve preoccupied my mind with worrying about my physical appearance. And, you know what’s most saddening, I’ll never get that time back. But give me leggings and a t-shirt, deprive me of make-up and plonk me back down in the heart of Brazil. I’d be happy giving every once of my time and energy into making a difference in someone else’s life than caring about what I look like.

There’s always weight to be lost, exercise to be done. But there’s only one life to live.



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