year abroad :: settled

Once again it’s Sunday, and I find myself on a train back to Libourne. Church this afternoon/evening was charming, and it warmed my heart I be there after about 6 weeks of not being able to make the journey.

With a preach on ‘Faith and Freedom’ with reference to Hebrews 11:23-29, tonight really struck a chord with me. As expressed, faith really does give the freedom of choice, and the promise of God is worth far much more than anything the world can offer. Sometimes, we choose to disregard the latter. I’m guilty of it; thinking I can get away with something just for a day and I won’t be held accountable, or buying into material things that satisfy, but only temporarily. I am definitely coming to terms with the realisation that earthly things are temporary, and even our time on Earth is temporary – but God brings and is eternity. And no matter what:

Promise is more than privilege.

It was also so great to actually be able to stay behind after and have a natter with other Christians of a similar age. This is something I just love about Bordeaux Church; being able to meet other like-minded young adults who are on the same level, going through the same things. And it’s even cooler that we’re all from different countries – it’s not every night you speak with Americans, Germans, French and Indonesians all in a few hours!

Prior to church, I took a lovely little walk through the streets surrounding Le Palais Galien. With the sun shining, the architecture shone too.

Speak soon.



P.s. I promise to get that Paris blog post to you soon!

1 thought on “year abroad :: settled”

  1. We often need reminding that faith does give us freedom of the heart, yet our minds need more discipline in keeping to the path set by God x


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