faith :: anointment

The true you is rooted in the God of all creation.

I have dived into plenty of devotionals lately, using several plans on the Bible app, as well as reading the Esther study on SheReadsTruth. I wouldn’t say I’ve been searching or seeking out God, but with having not been able to go to church (due to the frustrating train strike, I can’t get home afterwards), I’ve felt drawn to reading the Bible more often. In fact, it’s becoming a daily thing.

I have a lot to pray for at the moment: my hopes, dreams, new relationship, friendships, and family, but also a lot to praise God for.

Just the other day, I delved into the plan: The Anna Anointing. It was all about the anointing of the prophetess Anna on women’s lives. I resonated so much with the devotionals, not just because of the obvious name sake, but because of the truths it spilled across my phone screen and into my mind.

Some particular lines spoke out to me and I feel moved to share them with you:

She cried out to the Lord for justice and righteousness to fill the earth.

God promised in Psalm 2:8 that if we ask of Him, He will give us the nations for our inheritance and the ends of the earth for our possession.

We can boldly come to the throne of grace.

We must endeavour to live lives that glorify Him now and forever.

You are His Bride.

When the storms and tribulations of life come crashing in upon you, you can be anchored in Christ and His promise to cause all things to work together for your good.

Our desire to please Him (Jesus) outweighs the fear of man.

I could easily doubt whether I have been anointed, whether my life is defined by a purpose imagined by God. However, I stand firm knowing that I am anointed, anointed by His love, His words, His honour. I can only describe His love as like basking in the sun without a care in the world; or that freedom feeling when you see the stars at night.

I’ve learned that no moment is wasted because God is always there. God’s freedom is an open door, and no one is turned away from an open door.

You take me higher than I’ve been before, it’s your perfect love that sees me soar.

Whatever your faith, or the path you have chosen, or whether you believe in a God or not, or choose to live spiritually, there is a power behind you, a fire burning in your heart that sets your soul alight.

Thank you for hearing me out on this one. Over and out my lovelies.



1 thought on “faith :: anointment”

  1. My soul belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven and this journey is a test of my faith. This path I hope will be a long one as I’m not in any rush to meet my maker or indeed afraid.
    It’s the souls that stand together with the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts that make us what we are today. God Bless my dear daughter x

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