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Tout feu, tout charme

It’s late on the first Monday night of June and I’m flicking through June/July’s Parisian Vogue as I watch a Netflix drama on an American robbery case.

I have not had as relaxed an evening as this in a while. I have soothed my skin with my Sonya Nourishing Serum by Forever, which is also working wonders on my hair which is a little frazzled after days of 30 degree heat. I have also got out my Forever Essential Oils, mixing my carrier oil with the lavender oil – I am in need of a total destress this evening.

I am quite enjoying this edition of Vogue, especially since my French is now up to standard to make sense of the jargon without constant use of a dictionary. However, I am missing the usual Editor’s Letter, which is perhaps my favourite part of British Vogue – especially during Shulman’s reign.

In said copy of Vogue Paris is an interview type questionnaire and I wanted to use the questions and respond with my own answers. I will keep the questions in the original French, but reply in English – let’s see if you can work out what the question was!

Quelle est la pièce la plus extravagante que vous ayez jamais achetée?

A black shirt from H&M with oversized sleeves of fake black peacock feathers. Or, maybe even my bright yellow leopard print skirt.

Le fétiche de votre dressing?

A pink tailored jacket from River Island, my love.

C’est quoi, l’élégance?

The mix of classic and modernity with originality.

Le vêtement que vous ne porterez jamais?

I never say never.

L’incarnation du style à vos yeux?

Layering done well.

Et celle du mauvais goût?

Too much makeup and too much skin on show.

Quel est le comble du luxe, selon vous?

Having choice.

En matière de mode, quel est votre fournisseur officiel, et pourquoi?

The internet is my saving grace, thanks to the designers at ASOS.

Le vêtement qui vous fait craquer?

Jumpsuits. However, I just don’t seem to be able to pull them off.

Celui que vous voudriez éradiquer à jamais?

Leggings made form poor quality material.

Le parfum qui vous enivre?

I’m a little addicted to male cologne, but I wear the iconic Sì almost everyday.

Le bijou qui ne vous quitte jamais?

The gold rings from my Grandma.

Avec quelle personnalité de la mode aimeriez-vous dîner?

Diane Von Furstenberg

À qui pourriez-vous emprunter son pull?

Anyone wearing a Kenzo Paris jumper please.

Finissez cette phrase de Gabrielle Chanel:

«Pour être irremplaçable, il faut…

Être soi-meme.»

My style has really evolved over the last eight months, along with my whole persona if I’m honest. I feel like I dress a lot more sophisticated, or there’s at least a thread of grown-upness flowing through my wardrobe. Instead of diving for a new patterned piece, I’ve started learning what basics work for my body shape and my skin tone, and combined them with other block colours. This has had a surprisingly clarity-like effect on my mind, although a good floral will always reign.

My shopping habits are a lot less sporadic, I would like to think I’m becoming a better shopper, and a lot more conscious. At least most of the time.

H&M is still a weakness. It’s the only young-adult high street store in Libourne, so half my French wardrobe ahi from there. All my new basics? H&M. Some excessive, bordering on drag-queen earrings? H&M. A blouse and a dress in the same Anna Glover print? H&M.

I guess that the fact it’s the only shop is probably a benefit, otherwise I’d be on the high street Rue Gambetta passing my endless hours of free time (literally all day every day) shopping.

Anyone have any tricks to shop less?



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