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If you know me, you’ll know I’m a bit of an art freak. I absolutely adore solo art gallery trips, sketching in new sketchbooks (I usually buy a new one on every trip / gallery visit), and I love painting.

I love art that much that French art is going to be 1/3 of my dissertation topic.


I go through stages of what art I like, but I always come back to Impressionism. A classic Monet hung on the wall is my jam, and it’s why I’m so lucky to live in a French house of an artist who is heavily inspired by Monet.

I love the French aesthetic and the French apartment style. Minimalist yet overwhelmed with flowers and gold-edged framed paintings, stacked on the walls like an art gallery. Modern furniture with clean lines, mixed with old mahogany pieces inherited from the wealthy noble ancestors.

J’ai hâte to have a French house. The aim is a chateau in this very region of Aquitaine. But I’d take a Parisian apartment. Or even that very Toulousian Airbnb I stayed in last month.

I’m the kind of girl who has a Pinterest board for everything, but my home and interior boards are by far my favourite. I thought I’d show you the kind of interiors and home ideas I’m loving at the moment. I don’t know what it is, but I’m ready to buy a house, I so want to settle down in France!

Here’s a load of interiors I’m loving right now. *None of the following photos belong to me.*

What kind of interior do you lovelies love?

À bientôt.



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