rewind one second

This year is flying by. Like fly-ING. I’ve not had a moment to catch up, despite it being pretty stress-free.

All is good in terms of work and family life, and I’ve got myself totally back on track mental health wise. Could not be happier. Now it’s just the little issue of getting my physical health note in line, practicing some disciple every day rather than every now and then.

Podcast listening at Amelia’s in Ramsbottom with her homemade vegan brownie and a latte

I also really want try to curb my spending habit. Despite last Saturday’s disastrous let’s-buy-5-new-jackets-b’cos-yolo moment, I’m prepared to settle down from now on. My wardrobe is bursting to the seams with new items, and old, but everything needs to be worn or given away. Speaking of giving, my church vicar has informed us that a Syrian refugee family have settled in Bury, amen. I’m hoping to donate some of my unwanted and unworn clothes in the hope that they’ll help any of the female family members to get by for a while. If you’re reading this and would be able to donate, please do send me a message and we can arrange picking up the donations from you! It would be greatly appreciated.

In terms of the year ahead, it’s really looking positive.

My sister and I are planning our first trip away together, seems like Vienna as of the moment. It’ll be her 18th birthday present, and I’ve found some lovely Airbnb apartments we could stay in. All that’s left is for work to grant my holiday requests and on y va je buy les tickets. I can’t wait to explore Vienna. I’m determined to book things before we go, and I’m sure we will have a long list of things to do and places to see. And you can be sure of a blog post with some beautiful architecture! J’ai hâte to be around my favourite thing again.

I will also be heading back to France too, hopefully twice. But another holiday seems on the card to, although I’m not at liberty to disclose where yet. It is exciting though and will involve more impressive architecture and heat and red earth. You can guess for yourselves.

I’ve called this post rewind one second, but really I guess I am looking ahead. Today I’m off work sick, not a fun escapade by any means. But I’m remaining positive, my spirits have been lifted by some lovely conversations and I’m going to run myself a well-needed bath.

It’s been a weird adjustment to working life. Going from months of unemployment, quite literally, to full-time employment has been very stop-start. I do think I’ve handled it well, but all the same I find myself stalking in the odd moment when I need a minute or two to catch my breath. The good news with work is that I’ve received some lovely praise for what I’ve been doing so far. I’m glad to be performing well because I honestly enjoy what I do, and there is real job satisfaction when I solve an issue or resolve a complaint. The fact that I am surrounded by the loveliest team and a supportive manager makes the whole thing a heck of a lot mite worthwhile.

Now, I’d like to talk about something. Freedom. No biggie.

I’ve really experienced so much joy recently from learning how to let go, and the power in how God is constantly working in the world to set people free.

I’ve not been going to church lately, and I won’t lie I feel guilty about it. I haven’t even listened to worship music and I’ve felt a bit lost. Not even read the bible. However, I have been listening to podcasts. I now listen to bible stories to help me fall asleep, because I struggle a little with insomnia. But also, one called Confidently She by Rebekah Buege is fabulous. The topics really speak to me and I completely recommend them if you know you need to hear some truths, as well as being reminded of God’s love for you and His presence in the hard times.


Episode 110: She chases freedom feat. Tanner Hobbs. Go. Listen. To. It. You can find it on Spotify and it’s 31 minutes out of your day.

Tanner talks about being watered down by self-care and I RELATE. This self-care, self-love movement is all well and good. I’m for it, but I’m learning to lessen its presence in my life. It

When Tanner discusses discipline, it really resonates with me. I have had to reign in myself, and a lot of thoughts. Funnily enough I’ve become more disciplined about not letting my mind run away with itself. At least not to a point of despair. I am a disciple, not a wanderer ambling through the mist and the fog.

We have to remember to trust God too, rather than questioning him. I don’t think there’s any problem in asking for things or asking for guidance, but I feel like we need to let go, and let God a heck of a lot more.

What I need to do is write out what God says about me and put them up in places. Lies in my head need to be stamped out. I need to remember who God is, and ever more aware of who I am in God. “We overcome the lies by standing on the Truth found in the Scriptures that point us to the True Word of God. We are Children of God and coheirs to all that Jesus has. Never for get that we are more than conquerors in Him! In Jesus, we have ALL we need that pertains to Life and Godliness. We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. We will see the goodness of The Lord and walk before Him in the Land of the living.” (Joshua Delp, Daily PS)

So from here on out, I’m looking at life with an outlook that is more whole. I want to focus on the whole picture rather than life’s little jigsaw pieces.

Navigating my personal relationships is a biggie, and it’s going to test me quite a lot to deal with things that are coming. Trust and honesty are the most important and here’s hoping that they remain as present as they are now.



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