life :: the force awakens

Tonight was date night with the boyfriend. Date of choice: seventh Star Wars film. This decision sounds like it could have been one-sided but even as a complete roll-of-the-eyes Star Wars “is a bit stupid” non-fan i.e newbie, I wanted to see it. 

Of course I was made (in the politest of “watch this before we go” ways) to watch a YouTube video “Star Wars in 7minutes” – a speedy run-through/catch up for those who were in need of a refresh or those who hadn’t watched it before. It definitely helped, although I knew thanks to Pitch Perfect that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. 

I lovedddddd it. We saw it in 3D (students splashing out check that out) and I couldn’t fault it. Ok, so it was a little predictable – you’ll see what I mean if you go to see it. 

Here’s what I wore for the night. I went cuddly, as I’m currently suffering from a ewwy, horrible cold so my new fur gilet came out again, as well as a new jumper (Next sale), black ripped mom jeans and just to make me look less scruffy, my black wedge boots.

And two other photos from the night.


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