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I am always on the look out for jewellery that adds a little something to my outfit. For a long time I wore big earrings, particularly a pair of white roses, because they always suited the floral shirts I was (and still am) so obsessed with. And then I went through the statement necklace phase. I still often opt for a necklace as it adds interest to a simple outfit. However, when my boyfriend gifted me a Swarovski necklace for my 17th birthday (lucky me I know) it all changed. I have hardly ever not worn the beauty. It’s a dragonfly and soooo delicate and soooo beautiful. When I went into a local Swarovski shop, the sales assistant started up a conversation with me solely about my necklace. She pointed out the one they had in store which was massive, and I mean massive. Instead of the delicate, laser cut gold wings, this had glass crystal wings. In my opinion, and even hers add she admitted, it was a little too big for everyday wear. She kept saying “Ooo I love the size of that, I’ve not seen that size, it’s so pretty”. I left the shop feeling a million dollars and not having spent a penny. Compliments from strangers on something someone else has bought you are truly what can make a day. 

If this is the first time you’ve heard of byinviteonly then it’s time to stop missing out. I am over the moon with the pieces I have received. They make beautiful, affordable presents, but are worth the little splash out. They look so much more than costume jewellery, and I would definitely say they are worth it.

I know that I came across byinviteonly on Instagram, but I can’t quite remember how. I had debated for a while whether to invest in a piece but I decided to wait until I spotted something I really loved. The first time I saw a picture of the Gold Duo Turquoise Bracelet, I knew the time had come. And then soon after I spotted the Gold Betty Bangle – an intriguing piece. 


When I popped onto the website these two pieces were in the sale and something caught my eye. It was this beautiful necklace of red stones – the Gold Alyssa Necklace. I couldn’t resist it.

The shape of the stone reminded me of crayons and once again, it was an intriguing piece. I knew that it would brighten up any mundane outfit, and in particular it would be a contrast to my recently bought white shirt. So I clicked add to cart. On all three. 

And today when the post came, I couldn’t have been more overjoyed. The red is as vibrant as it was (it’s not longer available) online, and the bangles are super cute. 


When I am next in need of some pieces to update my wardrobe, I will look to byinviteonly!



P.S ~ See how I style these over the next few days ~ @ku_layrosas on Instagram!

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