life :: learned and to learn

More and more recently I have been thinking of what path I’m on, and where I’m headed. I’m usually the one looking back, not wanting to let go of the past for fear that I lose people, lose memories, ultimately lose a part of myself. But I’ve grown to realise that that’s not the case. Looking forward and fixating on the future brings only positive things, and sometimes it’s important. However, I’m also very aware that being present in the present is where you find true happiness. Taking life for what it is at one exact moment, rather than wishing it was something different. Appreciating. 

I don’t have a whole list of things I’d like to achieve. I think that’s because I know achieving doesn’t make me happy. That may seem bizarre, since we’re pretty much conditioned to achieve, achieve, achieve. Unsurprisingly, my achievement list would look like any other 19 year old’s:

• Graduate university

• Get a job (that you want to do)

Pretty simple. But when I think of what I value in life, I want to be much more creative than that.

I have this real urge to write, I don’t know if it’ll ever happen since I can write about three sentences and then feel distraught because I’ve no words left. I think that’s why I look at journalism as something I’d love to be part of. There are so many stories in the world needing to be told, needing to be shared, needing to be cherished. 

I would love to combine my writing with genuine helping. I’d be happy spending my whole life volunteering to help the world, than have a picket fence life. I’ve been researching quite a few volunteering placements across the world, and as soon as my year abroad is over I’m outta this country and am going adventure-hunting. 
But now that we’re into the new year, I feel like it’s time for a pick me up. Time for a reminder of a few things. So, I’ve put together a list of a few things I’ve learned, both from good and bad experiences. If you have anything to add or need any support or prayer, comment below or drop me a message on Instagram @ku_layrosas and I’ll do my best to help you. 

1. Cherish yourself. You’re the most important person in your life. So only do what makes you happy, what makes you smile, and what brings you joy. 

2. Loneliness isn’t really real. What I mean by that is it is all dependent on our perception of our lives and social circles. I have often felt “lonely” yet surrounded by plenty of people, friends even. The key to turning any feelings of loneliness on their head is to open up more to others, and enjoy the company of every person. Just think, you may be sat alone in a crowd, but you’re all sat together – that counts for something. 

3. People don’t care as much as you think they do. You look a mess. Someone may look at you funny for all of three seconds and then go on with their day. Get over yourself, you’re you and the world needs you. 

4. Success comes in many forms. Just because you’re not on your way to a first, doesn’t mean you’re failing university. Just because you’re not doing the job you want to do, doesn’t mean you’re not capable. Little successes are always better than one big one. 

5. It’s never the end of the world when you make a mistake. Last year was full of bad choices and mistakes. But bad choices make good stories, and life lessons. I’ve experienced far more than I ever wish I’d experienced but onwards and upwards, and I’m only stronger for it. 

6. Every person deserves to be valued. If you want respect from others or even love, you must value others too. Life is a two way street. And every life is valuable. 

7. People come and go. And that’s okay. Friends and partners will be in your life one day, and out the next. Life is a cycle and they only help you grow. Just keep the ones you hold dear close, and value them, and they won’t leave your side. 



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