beauty :: copper

2016 left me feeling a little drab and a little worn out. In all honesty, my hair has never been in better condition, but I am in desperate need of a switch up and a trim. 

So I have come to Prestige Salon in the centre of Lancaster. 

The inspiration behind my new hair are the following photos:

The last image is my favourite, as the colour is so rich yet soft. But, after speaking to the hairdresser, she advised that rose gold is a pretty difficult colour to achieve, and that it washes out after about three or four washes. No thank you. So she brought over the colour chart and we sat and discussed colours that would suit my skin tone and my eyes. We’ve decided on a copper colour in the end, so that’s similar enough to what I originally wanted, but not too red that it’ll be too much. 

At this point, I’m already happy with the service I’m getting, as I feel I’ve been properly advised, and the hairdresser has my trust now. 

By this point I’m getting a little like: I’m gonna be ginger. The dye was taking so so well at this point…

And the result?

Neither of these two photos are edited, but they are taken with proper lighting since I practically got a mini photoshoot.

As you can see, the copper goes brighter towards the ends because of the bleach blonde that was on the ends before. But, I kind of like the effect and it looks a lot more natural than I could have hoped for.  

If you’re ever in Lancaster then Prestige is the place to go for your hair. They do beauty too, so I’m considering getting my eyebrows waxed (they’re terrible) at some point soon too.  

Anyway, I fancied a big change to kick off a year I’m praying will be awesome for me. What are you doing to start your new year?


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