life :: new found strength

This time I personally took time out of blogging to allow things in my life to settle, and for me to reach a place where I felt strong enough to write again. It has been a summer of weird feelings. Not even a summer, but an autumn too. It's been like a slow rollercoaster that… Continue reading life :: new found strength

beauty :: copper

2016 left me feeling a little drab and a little worn out. In all honesty, my hair has never been in better condition, but I am in desperate need of a switch up and a trim.  So I have come to Prestige Salon in the centre of Lancaster.  The inspiration behind my new hair are the… Continue reading beauty :: copper

life :: 2016, a year in review 

Rather focusing on all the negatives 2016 brought me (although let's be honest it's the way we act, and not the numbers themselves), I thought I'd re-digest the good parts and the happy parts, and look forward to the next year ahead. So, if you're interested, brew a tea n cuddle a pillow and have a… Continue reading life :: 2016, a year in review