year abroad :: fresh

Within the 22 days I’ve not posted, life appears to have been rather dull. I’ve really been struggling to deal with my emotions and battling against my mental health. I began to feel rather numb and rather lost, which has made both working and my social life difficult.

But, I knew this Year Abroad wasn’t going to be easy, and I am so determined not to give up.

Today I have a fresh sense of purpose, a renewed knowledge that I am absolutely capable of conquering everything laid out before me. The positives of this weekend so far have injected more hope into what felt like a rather dull existence. So with this momentum, I continue. And it’s time to really get speaking French, I don’t want to waste another second.

With my flight booked for Christmas, it’s all starting to move so quick. I cannot wait to see all my family, and as many of my gorgeous friends as possible in the two weeks I am there. I am so ready to make the most of Christmas and just LIVE more.

And just for you, some pretty pictures of Libourne.


Anna x

2 thoughts on “year abroad :: fresh”

  1. I’ve always been assured in my heart that you will conquer everything you set out to do. Perhaps not all at once!
    Remember slow and steady wins the race
    Love and hugs
    Mum x

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