year abroad :: the glory of fall

Today I am totally feeling Autumn and all things Halloween. I am in no way party to celebrating evil spirits etcetera etcetera but I love a good spooky bash.

The release of Stranger Things 2 is only aiding the spooky feels, and the current burn-out stage means a good binge in bed (with a sick bucket on hand) is on the cards. No spoilers will be given, especially as it’s not released in England till November! I can’t ruin it for my parents, no one needs to deal with that level of guilt.

All I need now is a hot mug of Aloe Blossom herbal tea, a lighter so my two pretty candles can infuse my room, and some company. However, I’m banishing all thoughts of loneliness with expectancy of Christmas. There’s nothing like Christmas with your crazy family, and I’ll get to see the world’s best friends – not to mention the mini Christmas in France Bernie and I have planned…cheese, cheese, and more cheese.

With no actual plans yet (I am remaining hopeful) for All Hallow’s Eve, I’ve still prepared myself with an outfit and makeup looks. Most of us girls kind of obsess over that, let’s be honest the getting-ready-for-Halloween is the most fun part. I think I’ll have to dedicate a whole post to that one.

I’ve now begun grazing on a portion of my favourite nut mix I discovered in the Carrefour Compact in town. The dried cranberries are the perfect addition to the nuts and seeds, and make me think of my Mum’s Christmas dinner, especially the turkey. And now I’m lead to remember ‘Pyjamas and Prosecco’ a tradition we began just last Christmas – I am certainly looking forward to that again in a couple month’s time.

What’s keeping me most positive during the burn-out are the kind words from friends and family. I have quickly realised that we’re all going through it in one way or another; so I’m finding comfort in uniting in this annual rite of passage with fellow young and not-so young adults.

Yesterday compared to today makes today seem somewhat depressing. But nevertheless, I happily replaced my almost-gone Dior lipstick, with a new one – the same shade of course, although they have totally tried to confuse me by changing the name ‘Brun Samarcande’ to ‘Promenade’. On the upside, I’ll have much less difficulty in pronouncing the shade from now on.

I also picked up a couple of H&M items, just three, before my Mum throws a wobbly, and one was in the sale. They are only reflecting my sudden desire for warm Christmas colours and love for all things red, black and green. After nearly a solid month of not buying a single item of clothing, I am quite allowed a spark of enjoyment, me thinks.

Galeries Lafayette’s display of sale scarves beckoned me, and I gave in but only with my eyes. The fact I couldn’t make a decision as I fell in love with them all persuaded me to leave the store ASAP – I don’t have room for indecisions in my brain right now. And, I’ve got at least five scarves here in France accompanying me, and endless more back home, so this is one decision I am proud of.

On Wednesday, I almost became domesticated. Using my noggin and a BBC Good Food video for support, I made my first ever soup. My adorable lil’ mixer resulted in a messy not quite so satisfying-looking mush, but it wasn’t half yummy. Thanks also to one carrot, one onion, one leek, one turnip, one red pepper, oregano and a vegetable stock cube.

So as you can see, despite a lot of complaining and feeling off, I’m a very happy hibernating bunny this week. May this feeling continue, and with another week of holidays, I’ve plenty of time to snuggle up with a book and some cocoa and stick on my Billy Joel playlist.

Make the most of your Autumn.



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