summer :: holiday prep

Within what you can deem as "holiday planning" is our annual meal out. It has almost, if not definitely, become a pre-holiday ritual. As we always venture off around the date of my Gran's birthday, it's both a birthday celebration and a farewell (for 2 weeks). This year we chose the King Bill, a local… Continue reading summer :: holiday prep

life :: first year 

*This was written on Monday* I'm writing this from the back seat of a full-to-the-brim car. I own all the stuff of course. I'm questioning how I have gathered this much c-r-a-p but I guess it's too late to question it now. (This is the second time in 3 weeks I've "moved out", lol.) I… Continue reading life :: first year 

life :: MCR 

Hello all! Despite what has suddenly become dreary weather, I took a little trip into Manchester today.  I didn't take as many photos as I may usually take but here's a couple regardless... From Victoria I headed off for some lunch and then up into NQ. For once I didn't go in a single shop… Continue reading life :: MCR