isolation entertainment

If you’ve read my last post, you will know that I’m not even slowly losing my mind, but very quickly. I thought therefore, I’d reflect for a few moments and gather together some ideas of how we can pass the time in this season. It’s uncertain and cloudy, and I must insist that other than… Continue reading isolation entertainment

apocalyptic weirdness

So as I sit here typing, freshly washed and bathed, face mask on and nail varnish drying, I can’t help but feel weird. Coronavirus is obviously really serious but it’s really tough to stay isolated and in your own home. Today I should have been off to France for eight days, and it’s heart-wrenching that… Continue reading apocalyptic weirdness

influencing with intention

Once upon a time, I wanted to be one of those Instagram bloggers. Not a full-blown influencer, but you know, a few more followers and core fashion content full of looks and style ideas. However, I started to realise this wasn’t my calling. I found it wasn’t important to me anymore, and it was becoming… Continue reading influencing with intention

squeezing the fun out of life

Think of a time you’ve squeezed a lemon until it’s dry. The juice dripping into the cup, or the bowl. You may have been making a cake, or perhaps a cocktail. Now think about doing that, but with your life. Yeah? No. We want to stay full, and whole and keep that fun inside the… Continue reading squeezing the fun out of life

rewind one second

This year is flying by. Like fly-ING. I’ve not had a moment to catch up, despite it being pretty stress-free. All is good in terms of work and family life, and I’ve got myself totally back on track mental health wise. Could not be happier. Now it’s just the little issue of getting my physical… Continue reading rewind one second

life :: new found strength

This time I personally took time out of blogging to allow things in my life to settle, and for me to reach a place where I felt strong enough to write again. It has been a summer of weird feelings. Not even a summer, but an autumn too. It's been like a slow rollercoaster that… Continue reading life :: new found strength

life :: all i’m dreamin’ of

It's a rainy Sunday in Lancaster but it by no means a dull one. (I even made it to the gym this morning. I say made it, I left the house at 8am feeling more energised than ever.) Last night's events hit me like a ton of bricks. Without going into too much detail, British… Continue reading life :: all i’m dreamin’ of