life :: new found strength

This time I personally took time out of blogging to allow things in my life to settle, and for me to reach a place where I felt strong enough to write again. It has been a summer of weird feelings. Not even a summer, but an autumn too. It's been like a slow rollercoaster that… Continue reading life :: new found strength

life :: all i’m dreamin’ of

It's a rainy Sunday in Lancaster but it by no means a dull one. (I even made it to the gym this morning. I say made it, I left the house at 8am feeling more energised than ever.) Last night's events hit me like a ton of bricks. Without going into too much detail, British… Continue reading life :: all i’m dreamin’ of

university :: one down, five to go

Happy Monday lovelies! Wowee, the last twenty four hours have been completely the opposite of the contents of my last post. And for that, I am grateful. This morning I had my first written exam of the season. It was not by any means 'good' and there was inevitably so much more I could have… Continue reading university :: one down, five to go

life :: dwindling

As I sit outside, the birds tweeting their last tweets, and the sunset filling the sky with a pink hue, I can't help but worry. It is the last thing that I should be doing, yet the only thing I seem to be doing. And I'm no longer quite sure why that is. The dwindling… Continue reading life :: dwindling

life :: surreal

I am going through something at the moment. Truth be told, I always am, as is everyone else in the world, and those of you reading. Whether it's normality, or the depths of despair, or exam stress, or money troubles (the list is endless), part of accepting life's phases is part of healing. I am… Continue reading life :: surreal

life :: forward

There have been critical moments when I wanted to move forward in my life—but I held one foot on the brake. I felt such grief at the prospect of leaving behind relationships and beliefs that were once essential to me, yet these attachments kept me weighted and weary. I'm now learning the joy of letting things… Continue reading life :: forward

faith :: reimagined

The best use of our energy is always in the direction of love for ourselves. From that love flows the grace to open our arms to the world. -TheGoodTrade Good morning world. Wishing you a very bright and happy Monday morning. World seemed like the best way to address the readers of this post, and… Continue reading faith :: reimagined

love :: foundation

I find myself on Valentine's Day alone on the sofa, after having watched part of PS. I Love You with my beautiful friends. Not alone but alone, yet so content with where I am right now. My coffee and cardamom candle is burning, and the lights are on low, and I'm gently watching the ending… Continue reading love :: foundation

life :: nerve

Saturday 9th February 2019It's been a while since I've spent a Saturday in a town centre nursing my tired self with a cappuccino. If you hadn't already realised, cappuccinos are my go-to, I feel so basic but you can't go wrong with a lil' coffee and a whole lot of milky froth. Today I have… Continue reading life :: nerve

life :: deux mille dix-huit

It's here, the new year. While I do prefer to look back on the year on the 31st December, I felt a short review of the year 2018 was in need. And then maybe after I will address deux mille dix-neuf (that's two thousand and nineteen in French, FYI). For those who don't know their bloggers, and… Continue reading life :: deux mille dix-huit