beauty :: summer loves

I am always lacking in purely beauty posts, and as much as I enjoy makeup, it's not the same for me as it is with clothes. However, as I am on holiday, and I have time to kill while my family are dozing, I thought I'd put one together.  FACE For topical usage, Forever's Aloe… Continue reading beauty :: summer loves

fashion :: dazzled in effort

After reading "Can we talk about...Gucci", I feel as if I have connected with Claudia Winkleman on a level I never would have expected. I want to be that "44 year old..." who writes like that about a designer brand.  Maybe it's merely the wannabe journalist, the over-analytical, ex-English Language student in me, but ahhhhh. I… Continue reading fashion :: dazzled in effort

summer :: holiday prep

Within what you can deem as "holiday planning" is our annual meal out. It has almost, if not definitely, become a pre-holiday ritual. As we always venture off around the date of my Gran's birthday, it's both a birthday celebration and a farewell (for 2 weeks). This year we chose the King Bill, a local… Continue reading summer :: holiday prep

fashion :: fuchsia 

Last night we were invited, as a family, to the wedding reception of our neighbour's daughter.  It was so beautiful, and I was totally in awe of the decor. Love, love, love.  It was so lovely to have a special outing to go to with my family. With having been at university, it's great to… Continue reading fashion :: fuchsia 

life :: MCR 

Hello all! Despite what has suddenly become dreary weather, I took a little trip into Manchester today.  I didn't take as many photos as I may usually take but here's a couple regardless... From Victoria I headed off for some lunch and then up into NQ. For once I didn't go in a single shop… Continue reading life :: MCR 

food :: pack horse

If you live anywhere near me, you may have heard of The Pack Horse, in Affetside. I absolutely adore this place. Everything about it is just spot on, and also, they do amazing cocktails. Just saying. Yesterday afternoon my mum text me "Shall we go out for tea?" And let's face it, it would be… Continue reading food :: pack horse

fashion :: camel

A camel is not just for Autumn. It's forever.  I have an interesting relationship with camel colour pieces. I don't particularly like them on me, but they always look great on other bloggers and people I see when I'm out shopping. Rather jealous. INSPIRATION from Missguided Missguided is the place for camel. Their pieces are just… Continue reading fashion :: camel

fashion :: all hail the healthy

We have all seen a skinny model in a magazine. Even if you yourself are not reading one, it's hard not to pass one on the front cover as you make your way through a supermarket aisle. In France, this is all about to change. To stop the use of "excessively thin" models, the French… Continue reading fashion :: all hail the healthy

fashion :: how to make geek chic

The "geek chic" trend has been around for a long time now and it's evolving constantly. It peaked in the new wave trends of the 2000s and has continued. Today, as we are all obsessed with street-style snaps, geek chic outfits crop up everywhere. Here we see some of the most-love 21st century models' takes… Continue reading fashion :: how to make geek chic

life :: the force awakens

Tonight was date night with the boyfriend. Date of choice: seventh Star Wars film. This decision sounds like it could have been one-sided but even as a complete roll-of-the-eyes Star Wars "is a bit stupid" non-fan i.e newbie, I wanted to see it.  Of course I was made (in the politest of "watch this before… Continue reading life :: the force awakens