life :: deux mille dix-huit

It's here, the new year. While I do prefer to look back on the year on the 31st December, I felt a short review of the year 2018 was in need. And then maybe after I will address deux mille dix-neuf (that's two thousand and nineteen in French, FYI). For those who don't know their bloggers, and… Continue reading life :: deux mille dix-huit

faith :: true

A constant invitation, that is what He offers us. Maybe that is quite an intense way to begin a blog post, but sometimes we need to be hit with the truth. Truth gives us confidence, and instills trust, whether that be trust in someone, or trust in something higher. Confidence is heralded by the world;… Continue reading faith :: true

travel :: lakes

Two weeks ago, I went on a little day trip to the Lake District with a friend. We town-hopped till we dropped, and I loved every minute of it. There is nothing like driving from Lake Windermere, through Ambleside to Keswick. The scenery is incredible. The hills are rolling, and the weather was so moody that… Continue reading travel :: lakes

faith :: in reverse

While holed up in Lancaster's public library, for the first time in fact, I watched a video of Steven Furtick preaching on worry. This guy, I mean, he's just the one you need to get you through a bad day. Sometimes it's as if God speaks right to me through his words, in a deep… Continue reading faith :: in reverse

life :: firework

Wow, it feels like forever since I have contributed some words. But here I am, returned in force to hit you with some Monday mid-afternoon thoughts. Despite it being my favourite time of year this (past) week: Halloween and Bonfire Night, I've been lacking inspiration like never before. Having been ill with flu what what… Continue reading life :: firework

life :: unplanned

Vagabond - a person who wanders from place to place […] The unexpected things are the best right? That surprise holiday, that surprise family visit, that surprise best-friend-on-the-doorstep, even that "shall we go to the pub?" question. We waste so much energy on planning. You get yourself all busy up in your diary, jotting down… Continue reading life :: unplanned

faith :: courageous

While I'm holed up in bed with a migraine that's making me nauseous (sorry for the image of me vomiting), I thought why not put some words into a post. I'm finding a lot of courage of late. It took a lot for me to deal with something that could have easily broken me just… Continue reading faith :: courageous

life :: narrative

It's been a while since I put pen to paper to continue my narrative. I have always loved writing, and Kulayrosas is a mere offshoot of that branch of my life. Of late, I have been finding more and more sources of inspiration, and thus feel more and more inspired to write, and read. It's… Continue reading life :: narrative

year abroad :: fini

Coucou mes amours, l’année en France est finie. Franchement, je suis prête pour revenir à mon pays natal avec l’énergie et viveur, connaissant moi-même mieux, et ayant commencé à grandir. I am so happy. This year could not have been better; I simply couldn’t have asked for more. Heck, it hasn’t been perfect but it… Continue reading year abroad :: fini

year abroad :: pace

It’s a lonely, breezy Tuesday and I’m lay on what me friends call the “platans” area of the quay on Bordeaux. I can’t lie, it’s pretty ‘chill’ and the two gigantic cruise liners are fantastically majestic. After last week, which was a lot of fun I must admit, I’m knackered - and a moment to… Continue reading year abroad :: pace